Planning for the future and protecting loved ones are the main goals of people who come to the law office of Dayton wills and trust attorney William R. Miller. He understands the importance of these legal documents, and how they can bring you peace of mind.

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At the Law Office of William R. Miller, clients receive advice and representation for a variety of legal matters that affect their lives, their loved ones and the assets accumulated over their lifetime they have . Documents like wills and trusts must be properly created and executed to be effective and serve desired purposes. Valid documents are essential to assure that your wishes are followed at every point in life, including after you pass away. They also can help reduce implementation costs and keep disputes to a minimum.

Dayton Ohio Legal Services

In his work as an Ohio wills and trusts attorney, William R. Miller also provides many related legal services, including matters that affect family relationships.

  • Probate Administration – Legal counsel is important when you must deal with Probate Court, where many estate matters are handled. Payment of debts, inheritance matters and probate litigation will be handled by strangers if you do not have a valid estate plan, and in some cases, even if there is a will. This is a long and costly procedure that may be avoided.
  • Will Contests – In many families, a Will is contested by those who are not designated heirs. This issue may also go to court, where you will need an experienced attorney to fight for your rights.
  • Guardianship – The purpose of a guardianship is to protect those who are unable to care for themselves. This includes minor children, the elderly, and those who are incapacitated.
  • Wills and Trusts – An important decision many people have to make is whether you need a will or a trust. The differences are many, and your decision will be made based on your estate holdings, family needs and other factors. The proper advice will provide you with peace of mind, monetary savings, and a comprehensive estate plan.
  • Adoption – Many families express their love for others through adoption. Making this a valid and legal move is important for protection of your adoptee and their future as part of your family.

Attorney William R. Miller has experience with all matters that might affect control and administration of your assets and property. Licensed to practice law in Ohio since 1997, he has helped thousands of people develop strategies for preserving and protecting their loved ones and their estate holdings. He offers a free consultation and welcomes new clients at his Dayton, Ohio law offices.

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