Creating an estate plan now can save you and your loved ones thousands of dollars, time, embarrassment, and unnecessary expenses. Further, a properly created estate plan will ensure that your loved ones are protected and your wishes and desires are carried forth after you pass away. It is never too early to plan ahead when it comes to taking care of your future, that of your loved ones and your assets. At the Dayton, OH, law office of Attorney William R. Miller, people gain peace of mind working with him to ensure that their wishes are known and will be respected when the time comes for action on estate matters.

Wills and Trusts

William R. Miller is an experienced Dayton wills and trusts attorney who has been assisting people with estate planning and other legal matters for over 18 years. He provides complete legal advice and representation for a variety of issues that affect individuals and business owners.

There are major differences between a will and a trust remove, and which will best serve your interests depends on multiple factors. Attorney William R. Miller offers a free consultation to discuss your concerns and your particular facts about whether a will or a trust is the right estate plan for you and your loved ones. He understands the details involved and [can provide the proper and competent advice based upon your particular situation.

Another issue is that if you are incapacitated or die without having even a simple Will, your estate matters will be supervised by the Probate Court. This process is usually a long, complicated and expensive process. Ohio wills and trusts attorney Miller can help you will all areas of Estate Planning, as well as related family matters that may be important for you to address now.

Ohio Wills and Trusts

With proper legal attention, you can minimize taxation, smooth the flow of assets and property to loved ones, save money and protect yourself in the event that you are ever unable to manage your own financial affairs.

  • Wills and Trusts – When properly prepared and executed, these documents allow you to control the disposition and management of your assets and property. Further, with the proper advice you can avoid the long and expensive process of Probate administration and realize various financial advantages.
  • Will Contest – Sometimes you may wish to contest a will or others may contest your will. Family turmoil can be avoided with proper planning, however, when litigation is necessary, Attorney Miller will assist you.
  • Powers of Attorney – With these documents, you can appoint the person of your choice to handle various legal matters on your behalf if you are unable to do so. These are needed when you face surgery or other circumstances that would keep you from making sound decisions. A simple inexpensive power of attorney and health care power of attorney can save thousands of dollars in Guardianship costs.
  • Probate – Administration & Litigation – Attorney Miller has excellent experience helping clients deal with all Probate matters.
  • Family Matters – Guardianship, Adoption, Name Change and other family concerns are also regulated by law, but with help from Attorney Miller, you can easily achieve your goals.

Discuss your concerns about wills and trusts in confidence today at the law office of William R. Miller, in Dayton, OH. Call him now, at 937-222-1366.